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By Nick Rasmussen

Commercial Agent

Laura Soo Hoo at Reign Agency ·


Sonya Katarina is an actor, improviser, and photographer living in Los Angeles. She graduated from Princeton University where she studied the performance-adjacent field of Architecture, to everyone's surprise. Then she decided to pursue Hollywood, to her parents' disappointment. Her brother is a stand-up comic, so they are both tied in last place for which child their parents are most proud of.


In college, Sonya was in the cast of the Princeton Triangle Club, the nation's oldest touring collegiate musical comedy pre-professional theater troupe. She graduated the two-year Meisner program at The Baron Brown Studio as well as long-form and musical improv at The Upright Citizens Brigade.


Sonya was recently cast on the UCB Lloyd House Team: Hi Baby Gorgeous! along with seven other cuties and they perform regularly. You can see her in a bi-monthly musical improv show called UnHinged at The Pack Theater, as well as The Shared Experience Show at The Yard.

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